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As your business develops so does your need for trusted legal counsel. An international business lawyer gives you a competitive edge while minimizing risk and adding value.

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Scrutiny Can Be
a Bitter Pill

The rapid growth of pharmaceutical services means the stakes are high when it comes to legal compliance. You can turn to us for advice, representation and solutions.

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You're not thinking straight after being charged with a crime - let us do it for you. We provide clear solutions and quick action to criminal investigations.

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No Insurance?
No Problem.

Our law firm represents medical professionals without malpractice insurance.

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Listening without Missing a Beat

In our proven experience, really listening to your needs is half the battle. Not only are we completely in tune with your specific matter, we also keep up with and accommodate your hectic schedule.

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Time For a
Legal Check Up?

For more than 20 years we have helped medical professionals and other health care businesses navigate this complex industry.

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Feel confident knowing that our team of estate planning attorneys is prepared to protect and preserve your personal and personal assets.

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Your compliance with HIPAA is crucial to the success of your facility. Failure to comply can result in severe penalties and fines. Get protected today.

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Your healthcare facility must follow privacy and security guidelines at the federal and state level. We can help make sure your facility is in compliance.

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Full Service Law Firm

Lubell Rosen: A Law Firm for Physicians

If you are a physician, healthcare professional or healthcare-related entity, legal issues are the last thing you want to worry about. At Lubell Rosen, we take the worry away. Our team of AV-rated lawyers have developed unique solutions that work for healthcare professionals including an unlimited legal defense program for physicians that allows clients to pay a flat fee for malpractice defense. Our flat fee program has benefitted countless doctors since 1994 and has helped us earn our reputation as a law firm for physicians.

In addition to our Going Bare program, we offer legal services in every area that a healthcare professional could need including insurance defense, asset management, managed care and employment law. By serving healthcare professionals in all their legal needs, we hope to make obtaining legal support simpler, easier and more cost effective than ever before.

Other Legal Services

As a law firm that prides itself on meeting the needs of healthcare professionals, we do not represent any patients suing physicians. We do, however, provide a variety of legal services in addition to those specific to physicians and care providers. These services include white collar criminal defense, commercial and construction litigation, and business, transactional and real estate services.

Our clients always come first and our attorneys are eager to take the legal burden off your shoulders. To learn more about how we can represent you, browse our website or contact us today. Rest easy, we’ve got you covered.

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Medical Malpractice Defense

Lubell Rosen is widely recognized for its medical malpractice defense experience. As medical malpractice lawsuits against health care providers continue to increase, defending these claims can be time-consuming, costly and disruptive. Lubell Rosen provides comprehensive support for health care professionals throughout the course of litigation from case evaluation through discovery and trial.

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Insurance Defense

Lubell Rosen has decades of experience defending health care insurers, managed care providers, and other insurers in a broad spectrum of claims. We act as trusted advisors and counselors to our clients, investigating insurance disputes and formulating strategies designed to best meet clients’ objectives.

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Health Law and Litigation

Today's physicians, other providers, facilities and supporting companies must do business while complying with some of the most complex, constantly changing laws and regulations of any industry. It's critical to understand that deals and contracts that are legal in other industries, such as real estate or retail, may often be unlawful for physicians and health care providers. Examples include percentage based payments when patient referrals are involved, scope of practice and physician supervision requirements, special licensure requirements such as a Health Care Clinic licenses, massage establishment licenses, etc.

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White Collar Criminal Defense

When your company is under investigation there is more at stake than your reputation. It is essential to have a knowledgeable attorney with the time, energy, and resources to dedicate to clearing your name. We specialize in white collar and felony criminal matters. Our team has significant experience managing and responding to governmental, regulatory and corporate investigations.

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Cyber Law

Lubell Rosen advises clients on rapidly-evolving federal, state, and international data security and privacy laws. We also offer counsel on related fields of Internet law, social media, digital media, mobile app and website marketing practices, and cloud computing.

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Commercial Litigation & Transactions

Litigation is an inevitable part of business. Unfortunately, commercial disputes are often costly, time consuming and can threaten a company’s bottom line, reputation and stability. Our commercial litigation lawyers help clients analyze their rights, obligations and options and reach a positive resolution.

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Probate & Estate Planning

Protecting what you have spent your life building is a problem everyone needs to eventually address. Having a plan is important for your family and business. Our compassionate lawyers represent clients in all aspects estate planning and probating the will of a loved one.

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Asset Protection

Members of the medical profession are at high risk for medical malpractice and other legal claims that can have serious and long-lasting financial consequences. In these situations, a strong asset protection plan, prepared in advance of the lawsuit, can serve as an invaluable tool to protect business and personal assets.

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Going Bare

Our pre-paid monthly flat fee legal defense has become an increasingly popular choice for many doctors throughout the State of Florida. As one of the most innovative medical malpractice defense firms, Lubell & Rosen offers a complete, an unlimited medical malpractice defense program for doctors.

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HIPAA Compliance

We have an in-depth understanding of the complex federal and state laws governing the activities of healthcare providers. Our attorneys work with healthcare professionals, medical practices, and hospitals to develop policies and procedures that ensure compliance with these strict and exhaustive requirements.

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Full Service Law Firm

We provide a variety of legal services in addition to those specific to physicians and care providers. We do not represent any patients suing physicians. These services include asset protection, estate planning and probate, white collar criminal defense, commercial and construction litigation, and business, transactional and real estate services.


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