Being involved in a serious collision is a nerve-racking experience. It could also be life-changing if you end up with a severe injury. Our car accident attorneys in Miami can review your case for free, conduct a thorough investigation, and help you fight for the compensation you need to cover all associated damages.

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How Much Is My Auto Accident Case Worth?

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 A single missed paycheck is all it takes for most people to fall behind on their bills. But if you’ve been sidelined by a major injury, it’s likely that you will be missing out on more than just two weeks of wages. Combined with potential added costs like alternative transportation and domestic help, you may feel like you’re being crushed under immense financial pressure. Understandably, you’re likely wondering what your claim could be worth.

Because every claim is unique, there’s no way to approximate a reasonable settlement until our legal team has conducted a thorough investigation. However, there are a few factors that could come into play during settlement estimations. These factors include:

  • Duration of Your Medical Recovery: The amount of work you miss due to your injuries can have a profound impact on settlement estimations as lost wages could be recoverable. If you sustained a permanent disability that will prevent you from ever returning to work again, our attorneys might bring in a vocational expert and economist to assist with the settlement calculations and possibly to provide deposition. Also, a longer medical recovery tends to be associated with higher healthcare costs and greater pain and suffering.
  • Severity of Your Injuries: Typically, more serious injuries result in higher medical costs. Additionally, injuries that lead to disfigurement, scarring, or permanent disabilities might warrant a larger settlement for non-economic damages. To ensure your Miami car accident lawyer arrives at a reasonable settlement figure, it may be unwise to conclude the negotiations until you have reached maximum medical improvement.
  • Your Own Liability: Unless you bring a claim against your PIP protection, your recovery will be limited by your own percentage of fault. If, for instance, you played some role in causing the accident or you failed to mitigate the damages, the opposing party may argue that you are at least partially liable for the resulting damages. As such, it is important that you never admit fault before speaking to a lawyer and that you take reasonable steps to minimize your healthcare costs and other losses.
  • Extent of Property Damage: If your vehicle and any other property was damaged in the accident, you can pursue compensation for the cost of repairs or replacement.

Mistakes to Avoid When Filing the Claim

From your perspective, it may look like an open-and-shut case, but you can expect the at-fault party or insurance company to search for reasons to deny your claim or minimize your payout. Here are just a few errors to avoid before and after filing your claim:

  • Posting About Your Accident on Social Media: Letting off steam on social media may feel good in the moment, but those digital tantrums could put your claim in jeopardy. Investigators hired by the opposing party might dig through your social media accounts to find evidence that could be used to challenge your case. For example, if you posted a picture of yourself at a party a few days after the accident, the defense may use this snapshot as evidence that your injuries are not that serious or that you are not mitigating your damages. For the reasons listed here, it’s advised to disable your social media accounts until your case has been resolved.
  • Communicating Directly with the Insurer: Representatives from the insurance company may seem like they have your best interests in mind. However, claims adjusters are skilled negotiators who might coerce you into making statements that would harm your case. As such, you should let your Miami auto accident attorney oversee any correspondence with the insurance company or other rival parties.
  • Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Attention: Taking time out of your busy day to schedule an appointment with your doctor is a luxury few can afford—especially when your injuries don’t appear to be very serious. But skipping this crucial step could result in a dispute over the mitigation of damages. The insurance company could argue that by delaying or forgoing medical treatment, you exacerbated or aggravated your injuries and therefore are partially liable for your own damages. You should seek medical attention immediately after your accident, and make sure you are always following your doctor’s instructions.

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