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Do I Need a Medical Evaluation If My Injuries Aren’t That Serious?

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Many life-threatening injuries and conditions present with relatively minor symptoms at first. For instance, a common sign of traumatic brain injury is a persisting headache. Delaying or forgoing a diagnosis in this scenario is a crucial mistake that could cause your condition to worsen. It could also open the door to a dispute over the mitigation of damages. As such, you should visit a doctor immediately after leaving the scene of the incident.

Here are a few more reasons why should seek immediate medical treatment:

  • Mitigate Damages: If your condition deteriorates because you took too long to visit the doctor, the insurance company may assert that you did not take sufficient steps to mitigate damages. As a result, they may dispute liability, arguing that you are at least partially responsible for your damages.
  • Create Official Medical Records: Word of mouth isn’t worth much in the insurance industry. Claims adjusters prefer to deal with facts and evidence such as receipts, invoices, and medical records. When you attend a medical evaluation, your healthcare provider will create records on your condition, the severity of your injuries, recommended procedures, prescribed medication, and other elements important to your recovery. Our Miami motorcycle accident lawyers may also reference these records when building your case.
  • Connect Your Injuries to the Accident: To obtain a financial recovery against the at-fault party or their insurance company, you will need to prove three important elements: liability, causation, and damages. Simply put, you will need to demonstrate that the defendant was negligent, you sustained damages, and that their negligence caused your damages. A prompt medical assessment can help tie your injuries to the motorcycle accident.

Can I Post About My Accident on Social Media?

After any kind of accident, you may want to contact friends and family on Facebook for emotional support, advice, or just to vent your frustrations. But bringing your personal injury case into the digital space could sink your chances of filing a successful claim.

It is common practice for insurance adjusters to monitor claimants’ social media feeds. Any posts you make after the accident (or even beforehand) could be used by the insurer to reduce or deny your claim. For that reason alone, it is worth deactivating your accounts until your case has concluded. However, if you’re not ready to disconnect, here are a few rules for using social media while your claim is pending:

  • Ignore New Connection Requests: It may just look like another follow request, but an unexpected invitation to connect could be a Trojan horse. It’s not unheard of for investigators hired by opposing parties to pose as acquaintances in an effort to gain access to your social media feed. Once accepted, you’re giving these sleuths freedom to comb through your posts and pick out any compromising posts or pictures.
  • Never Discuss Your Claim Online: Even if you have your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account set to private, users in your circles could still screenshot your posts and share this information with opposing parties. Additionally, the defense may be able to file a discovery request during litigation to gain access to posts you’ve made on these platforms. As such, you should not discuss your injuries, claim, or the accident on social media as you may be freely handing over information that could be used to challenge your case.
  • Avoid Posting Pictures of Yourself: Maybe it’s just a picture of you at the park, or sitting with friends at a party; what’s the harm? Unfortunately, these photographs could be used by opposing parties to dispute your claim. For instance, if you upload a picture of yourself knocking back drinks at a bar just a few days after the accident, the defense may use this image to assert that your injuries are not very serious or that you have ignored your doctor’s orders to rest.

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