Results for Verdicts and Judgments

Lubell wins summary judgment for NY Ob/Gyn accused of wrongful birth of a sickle cell baby after doctor failed to do advanced panel genetic testing.

Lubell Rosen partner Steven Lubell, Esq., a medical malpractice defense lawyer, was granted summary judgment for his client, Dr. Guirlane Leonare Agnant, M.D., after successfully demonstrating that the plaintiff, Lakisha Garcia Hawkins, was never Dr. Agnant’s patient and had no claim against her.

Lubell wins trial against cosmetic surgeon accused of failing to disclose known risks before patient signed the informed consent.

On April 27, 2013, Steven Lubell, Esq., secured a victory for a leading cosmetic surgeon from Lake Mary, Florida who was accused of negligence and malpractice by a former patient. Lubell, a partner and co-founder of Lubell Rosen, successfully represented Dr. Carlos Mercado, and presented evidence to prove that Dr. Mercado acted responsibly and with the informed consent of his patient, plaintiff Maria Ramos.

Rosen wins 10 week trial against internal medicine doctor accused of causing a patient to lose all four limbs.

In the 2009 case of Strong vs. Strong, one of the largest civil lawsuits in Broward County’s history, Mark Rosen, Esq., a partner at Lubell Rosen, a leading Florida medical malpractice defense law firm, successfully defended a hospital internist from a malpractice claim after a patient had her arms and legs amputated.

Lubell successfully defends family doctor accused of failing to recognize signs of pulmonary embolism which led to patient’s death.

Medical malpractice defense lawyers at Florida law firm Lubell Rosen successfully defended a local physician who had been charged with negligence after his patient died of a pulmonary embolism hours after she fainted at home.

Lubell wins trial against orthopedic surgeon accused of performing surgery on an infected patient.

In Florida, primary care physicians, specialists and other health care professionals can opt out of medical malpractice insurance coverage in a practice known as “going bare.” Going bare allows doctors to avoid paying high insurance deductibles and monthly or annual premiums, but without adequate legal support, it can be a risky decision, especially in today’s increasingly litigious society.

Lubell wins trial against radiologist who gets tripped up during his deposition and unwittingly admits his own negligence.

On Sept. 30, 2014, Lubell Rosen malpractice defense lawyers Steven L. Lubell, Esq., and Aldo M. Leiva, Esq. received a complete defense verdict in favor of their client, a local radiologist charged with liability in a patient’s breast cancer diagnosis. The jury ruled that the doctor could not be held responsible for failing to detect the cancer.

Rosen defends Ob/Gyn in wrongful birth case for failing to detect missing limbs in utero.

The Florida Fourth District Court of Appeals has reversed the $2.5 million verdict that a Palm County judge awarded to parents whose son was born with serious deformities, after determining that the trial judge erred in limiting the defense’s testimonies. With this reversal, attorneys Steven L. Lubell and Mark L. Rosen, Florida malpractice defense attorneys at Lubell Rosen, have successfully secured a new trial for their clients, Marie Morel, M.D., and OB/GYN Specialists of the Palm Beaches.