How the collection process works

Lubell Rosen simplifies the entire process. From start to finish, we do almost all of the work, letting you focus on your practice. Here is a brief outline of how it works:

  1. Client signs contract with Lubell Rosen. For a copy of a sample contract, click here.
  2. We meet with you and/or your medical billing company to obtain a list of your unpaid and underpaid medical bills over the past 5 years. 
  3. We analyze the data and calculate the amount owed on each unpaid and underpaid claim.
  4. We send out a “Pre-Suit Demand Letter”, pursuant to Florida No-Fault law. 
    1. If the claim is paid, the full amount of the medical bill paid is paid to the provider. (We keep the interest, penalty and postage reimbursement).
    2. If the claim is denied or not paid within 30 days, we evaluate the case for suit. We file suit on all valid claims and serve the carrier with a summons and initial discovery demands. We lay out all court costs, at our sole risk.
  5. After the summons is served, we attend an initial “pre-trial” hearing. We are often able to engage in settlement discussions with the carrier at this time.
  6. If settlement cannot be achieved, we litigate the case, following up on discovery demands, taking depositions, and arguing relevant legal issues.
  7. If the case still hasn’t settled, we schedule and attend a summary judgment and/or trial, depending on the facts and issues involved in the case, bringing the case to final judgment. 
  8. If payment is still not made, we issue a write of execution on the insurance carrier and garnish the funds.