Commercial Litigation

Lubell Rosen's litigation attorneys practice in Florida state and federal courts. At Lubell Rosen, we strive to provide our clients with innovative, well-reasoned solutions to their business challenges. When those challenges involve litigation, our team is there to try to solve those problems in the most productive ways possible. Solutions to problems which reach litigation require a client-centric view.  Our legal team will evaluate available options with the clients, and determine which is best for them. Whether through negotiation or mediation, arbitration or trial our team will take the time to explore all possible ways to resolve your case. Lubell Rosen's litigation attorneys have the experience, resources and personnel to handle complex disputes.

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Our Expert(s)

Gordon Lea, Esq. Profile Image
Gordon Lea, Esq.
Partner | Fort Lauderdale
Marshall A. Adams, Esq. Profile Image
Marshall A. Adams, Esq.
Partner | Fort Lauderdale
Josh M. Bloom, Esq. Profile Image
Josh M. Bloom, Esq.
Partner | Fort Lauderdale