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PIP Recovery against Auto Carriers

“PIP” stands for Personal Injury Protection. PIP is governed by Florida’s No Fault law, statute 627.736, with a statute of limitations of 5 years.  In “no-fault” states like Florida, PIP is required coverage for anyone that owns an automobile. PIP insurance obligates carriers to pay 80% of all covered medical bills, up to the limit of $10,000. This makes PIP a compelling opportunity to obtain revenue for the medical provider.

But PIP carriers scrutinize each and every claim. Insurance companies routinely deny or underpay legitimate bills. Many healthcare providers don’t bother to challenge the carrier’s decision.  However, Florida’s No-Fault law provides attorney’s fees to the prevailing party, as a “check and balance” against insurance carriers that do not follow the law. Lubell Rosen makes it easy for providers to challenge denials and underpayments.

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