State Administrative Investigations & Proceedings

The attorneys at Lubell Rosen have substantial experience in addressing administrative matters before State Agencies that conduct licensing or compliance investigations. Often these matters involve technical regulatory issues as well as a thorough knowledge of the administrative process. Disciplinary actions by State Agencies can result in a loss of an occupation earned through years of education and work and can affect the livelihood of a licensee not only for the Agency bringing the action but can affect other professional licenses in this and other states. A well-researched and careful approach by experienced counsel is vital to defending state administrative actions. The most common are those by licensing agencies such as:

  • Department of Health
  • Agency For Health Care Administration
  • Department of Insurance
  • Department of Business and Professional Regulation

These State Agencies conduct investigations based upon initial complaints and have the authority to subpoena documents or seek to interview license holders. The Agencies can bring disciplinary actions that seek license restrictions or revocations as well as fines through formal administrative complaints. Once a licensee receives a formal administrative complaint there are multiple options to resolve the complaint but also strict time limitations. A formal administrative complaint can be challenged in front of an Administrative Law Judge and the Agency Board or Department heads.