Medical Bill Reimbursement

Medical Bill Reimbursement

Lubell Rosen has been recovering medical bills on behalf of doctors for more than 20 years. Recovering payment for medical bills is how doctors stay in business. Even after the best efforts are made, providers find that they have a large number of claims that have denied or seriously underpaid. Let us help.

Lubell Rosen is not a medical billing company, we are a law firm. Medical billing companies send out the initial bill and they get paid by taking a percentage of the bill.  Lubell Rosen comes in after the medical bills have been processed. We perform our analytics on all unpaid and underpaid bills from your data file, and determine which bills are actionable. We can go back through 5 years of your medical bills. Lubell Rosen makes the process easy. 

The best part of the process is that there is no risk to the medical provider. Lubell Rosen lays out all costs associated with the litigation process. Costs and attorney’s fees are paid to us by the insurance carrier when we prevail.  We take all cases on a “contingency.” In other words, at Lubell Rosen, we agree only to accept costs and attorney’s fees paid by insurance carriers under Florida Statute; and we do not take a percentage of the bill.

Types of Medical Bill Reimbursement Cases

PIP Recovery

Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) Insurance provides payment of 80% of covered person’s medical bills related to an automobile accident, up to $10,000 in benefits. Learn how our team can help you recover denied and underpaid PIP claims

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Health Insurance Recovery

Health insurance is contractually obligated to pay for medical bills, usually to a set amount. This amount is higher when treatment is “out-of-network”. Learn how our team can maximize your recovery of unpaid and underpaid bills.

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