Health Insurance card sitting on a medical bill

Health Insurance Recovery

One of the largest challenges facing our physician clients continues to be shrinking reimbursement and increased administrative costs associated with repeatedly following up, rebilling and recoding claims in order to secure payment for the services rendered. Even after best efforts are made, providers find that they have a large amount of claims that have been denied or seriously underpaid.

After your office has exhausted efforts working on a claim the healthcare reimbursement attorneys at Lubell Rosen are ready to help. After many years of working with insurers on behalf of healthcare providers, physician practice groups and facilities, our attorneys use their experience to resolve your problem receivables and clean up your overall AR without any out of pocket cost to your practice.

Some of the issues we help our clients resolve are:

  • Clinical denials
  • Complex contractual denials
  • Denials for lack of medical necessity
  • Denials for lack of pre-authorization or notification
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Underpayments as a non-participating provider
  • Timely filing denials
  • Personal injury and third party liability
  • Workers' compensation and controverted claims
  • Out of network denials
  • Exhaustion of benefits
  • Establishing UCR (usual, customary & reasonable)

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