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What Mistakes Should I Avoid During the Claims Process?

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Everything you say or do after the accident should be carefully thought out. Get caught making mistakes and your claim could suffer the consequences. Below are a few missteps and oversights that could harm your case:

  • You Didn’t Seek Immediate Medical Treatment: Maybe you only sustained a few cuts and bruises and it didn’t seem worth your time (or money) to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Unfortunately, delaying or forgoing a clinical assessment can lead to serious issues when it comes time to file your claim. For example, the insurance adjuster might assert that you failed in your duty to mitigate damages, which could lead to a reduced financial recovery. The insurance company may also argue that your injuries were caused by a separate incident, or that your condition couldn’t be that serious if you did not require immediate care.
  • You Ignored Your Doctor’s Orders: Some claimants think their doctors are being overly cautious; others just want to return to their normal routines. Deviating from your doctor’s instructions won’t just increase your risks of aggravating your injury and delaying your recovery, but it may also lead to a dispute over the mitigation of damages.
  • You Gave a Recorded Statement: The claims adjuster may sound friendly, but ultimately, they represent the insurance company. As such, they have an incentive to find any evidence that could be used to challenge your claim. One strategy involves asking you to provide a recorded statement about the accident and your injuries. Your comments may later be used to dispute liability, causation, or damages.
  • You Posted on Social Media About the Accident: Writing about the details of the accident could compromise your claim. For instance, you may unknowingly admit fault or contradict prior statements, thus bringing your credibility into question.
  • You Posted Pictures of Yourself on Social Media: The road to emotional recovery can be a long, challenging, and painful journey. While you might spend much of this time in tremendous grief, there may be a few bright moments along the way. And when those moments come—a day at the park with your kids, a party with friends—you may be tempted to snap a few pictures to preserve the happy memories. Unfortunately, any photos of you doing even basic activities could harm your case. The defense might use such posts to assert that you deviated from your doctor’s orders to rest and thus did not take sufficient steps to mitigate damages.
  • You Kept Your Social Media Accounts Set as “Public:” A public social media account can be seen by anyone including claims adjusters and opposing parties. As a result, they have the freedom to comb through your social media activity to find any information that could be used to challenge your claim. You should either deactivate your accounts or set your social media profiles to private until your case has concluded.

What Is My Motorcycle Accident Claim Worth?

As personal injury cases can be incredibly complex, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for estimating the potential value of your claim. Be aware that no motorcycle accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can guarantee a specific outcome in your case. However, at Lubell Rosen, our legal team can approximate a fair settlement based on the specific circumstances of your case.

Below are a few factors that our Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorneys may take into account when estimating a reasonable settlement:

  • Pain and Suffering: The real impact of a serious injury won’t just be reflected by your bank statements. Pain and suffering may not come with an invoice, but the effects it has on your emotional wellbeing are very real. Some serious injuries can dampen your ability to enjoy your daily life such as going fishing with your kids and cooking for your family. Lawyers typically use one of two formulas to calculate the value of these non-economic damages. Your lawyer might multiply your economic damages by a factor between 1.5 and 5. Alternatively, they may take the “per diem” approach, assigning a dollar value to each day from the date you were injured to the day you’re expected to achieve maximum (or maximal) medical improvement.
  • Medical Costs: From treatments and pain management to home modifications and nursing care, it’s likely that your medical bills will make up a significant portion of your post-accident expenses. When estimating such damages, our attorneys may take into account costs such as physical therapy, prescription medication, past and future procedures, orthopedics, lab tests, and other interventions.
  • Lost Wages: Were you unable to return to your job due to your injuries? Has your condition impacted your ability to perform tasks at work? Any earnings lost as a direct result of your injuries could be factored into the settlement estimations. Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Fort Lauderdale may consult with vocational and financial experts to determine whether you can pursue compensation for lost earnings and to assist with estimating a reasonable settlement for such damages.

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