Very few motorbike riders can say they walked away from a collision unscathed. These wrecks are tragic, often leading to extended hospital stays, time off work, and tremendous pain and suffering. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Coral Gables are dedicated to helping victims and their families pursue the compensation they need to move on with life.

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What Steps Should I Take After a Motorbike Accident?

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Being involved in a severe collision is a nerve-racking experience. In a split second, your life has been flipped upside down; your normal routine replaced with confusion, fear, and persistent physical pain.

While it’s tough to remain level-headed after sustaining a serious injury, you need to be careful about what you do and say. The at-fault party or insurer will be looking for any reason to reduce or deny your claim. As such, your actions can have a major impact on the outcome of your case.

Here are a few tips on what to do after being involved in a motorcycle accident:

  • Collect Evidence: If you are able to do so, it is advised that you immediately begin gathering evidence for your claim. This may involve getting statements and contact details from anyone who might have witnessed the incident take place, noting whether there were any surveillance cameras in the area, or taking pictures of your injuries and/or any property damage.
  • Visit the Doctor: Once you have left the accident scene, you should immediately seek medical treatment. While your injuries might appear to be minor, failing to visit a doctor could result in a dispute regarding causation, the extent of your damages, or the mitigation of damages. For instance, the opposing party may argue that had you visited a doctor earlier as a reasonable person would have, the cost of healthcare and other losses would have been reduced. As such, you might be held liable for at least a portion of your damages.
  • Deactivate Your Social Media Accounts: While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become important parts of our everyday lives, posting on these sites after a crash could be harmful to your case. The insurance adjuster may comb through your online activity to find comments or pictures that could be used to dispute liability, causation, or damages.
  • Call an Attorney: Contact our Coral Gables motorcycle accident lawyers right away so we can start gathering time-sensitive evidence while it is still available.

What Is the Typical Duration of a Motorcycle Injury Claim?

From the medical bills to other unexpected expenses, your costs may already be piling up. While it would put your mind at ease to have an idea of when your claim will be resolved, it won’t be possible to approximate a timeframe until we have conducted the investigation.

There are all sorts of reasons why a dispute might arise that sends your case to litigation. Here are a few factors that may influence how long it takes to resolve your claim:

  • Strength of Your Evidence: Lacking sufficient evidence to support your claim could open the door to all kinds of disputes. Your Coral Gables motorcycle accident attorney will know which types of evidence may help bolster your case. However, much of this evidence—such as dash cam videos, eyewitness statements, or surveillance footage—may be time-sensitive. As such, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible so he or she can take steps to gather such evidence.
  • Time Until Maximum Medical Improvement: The time it takes for you to recover from your injuries can have an impact on the duration of your claim. Typically, it is best not to conclude the negotiations until you know the full costs of treating your injuries and whether or not you require additional interventions. Rushing through negotiations may leave you with a settlement that falls short of covering your total accident-related costs.
  • Whether You Made Any Mistakes: Even if you have strong evidence, any mistakes you make before or after filing your claim could cost you. Insurers will pounce on any opportunity to reduce the amount of compensation they have to pay out. For instance, if your doctor instructed you to avoid physical activity for the duration of your recovery, but you posted pictures online of yourself taking part in a local parkrun, the defense could argue that your injuries are not that serious or that you exacerbated or aggravated them by ignoring your doctor’s orders.

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