Legal Defense


Insurance Defense

To successfully defend doctors, hospitals, long-term care facilities and other healthcare providers requires a Florida malpractice insurance lawyer who understands complex medical issues and are able to explain these concepts to people without medical training—people like judges and jurors. A law firm that prepares its lawyers to successfully defend its healthcare clients provides three things: experience, training, and depth. Lubell Rosen is among the best at providing the highest-quality legal services. We are widely recognized for our medical malpractice defense expertise, including complex multi-party litigation. Our Florida insurance defense lawyers successfully represent insurers in a broad range of claims. Our clients also appreciate the breadth of experience and knowledge we provide. Lubell Rosen's attorneys understand that each case is unique. Some claims are capable of being resolved through negotiation while other claims inevitably wind up in court. Our medical malpractice defense attorneys have the expertise to evaluate the potential exposure, to look for cost-effective solutions, to identify those claims appropriate for alternative dispute resolution processes, and, when appropriate, to proceed to trial. Our insurance defense team handles cases in both state and federal courts. We recognize the importance of providing timely reporting on both the status of a case and the insured's potential exposure. We understand that the manner in which a case is handled and the manner in which we communicate with the insured is a reflection on you. Our goal is to provide the highest quality defense that is both cost-effective and result-oriented.

Lubell Rosen's Unique Pricing

Unlike most firms, we offer different pricing plans that will suit their needs best from the start. Flat fees and reduced hourly rates are common components to our fee structures. Please contact us for details.